These are the all-timber versions of our bathroom vanity units that really showcase the gorgeous hardwoods that we’re so lucky to have in Australia. Solid wood on the tops, sides and up-front (sometimes on the bottom too) – precision soft-close hardware on the inside.

recycled-timber-bathroom-vanity, custom-made in Melbourne by Rawk and Wood

Timber and stone work great together in the bathroom. Timber adds warmth; stone adds practicality. Especially relevant in guest bathrooms or where not-quite-adults maybe don’t share your views on cleanliness…

recycled-timber-bathroom-vanity, made in Melbourne by Rawk and Wood

There are many options in this space. We can make a benchtop to suit your existing cabinet… or to suit your cabinet-maker’s design… or we can make both! Either way, pairing clean cabinetry with character-rich recycled timber will certainly get that bathroom statement piece you’ve been dreaming of.

recycled-timber-bathroom-vanity-benchtops, made in Melbourne by Rawk and Wood

Gone but not forgotten. Plenty of great ideas in here.

recycled-timber-bathroom-vanity, made in Melbourne by Rawk and Wood

Custom Designs:

As always the choice of cupboards, drawers or even open shelves is up to you. Custom designed and made to get that personalised and functional storage that you need. Let us know your requirements and we’ll help you find a solution that suits your budget and style.

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