Bathroom Vanity FAQ

Is solid timber suitable for use in bathrooms?

Yes! The Australian Hardwood we use to construct our custom-made furniture is very hardy. When sealed with all-natural hardwax-oil, you get a beautifully warm centrepiece for your bathroom that is hard-wearing, water-resistant and eco-friendly. Wear and tear is easily rejuvenated by using the same natural product – infinitely extending the life of the the timber.

Which benchtop material is for me?

The benchtop of a bathroom vanity is the surface most likely to be exposed to water and other liquids. Your choice of benchtop material may depend on the level of care you can provide during its use.

Natural: e.g. Recycled timber
Benchtop materials formed in nature include timber and stones like granite and marble. Whilst full of character, in their raw state they are porous (can absorb liquid) and must be sealed before being used as a benchtop. These sealers are quite robust, but are considered ‘water-resistant’ and not ‘water-proof’. By exercising a little care – wiping spills and keeping other liquid containers on protective mats – you’ll be rewarded with genuine one-of-a-kind looks and appeal.

Man-made: e.g. ‘Caesarstone’
There are a very large number of man-made products for kitchen and bathroom applications including ‘engineered stone’ and laminates. They come in an endless variety of colours and styles, including imitations of natural stone. Because they are manufactured, they can be impregnated with sealers and are generally considered to be more resilient and a lower maintenance option.


Can you supply stone benchtops?

Due to the huge variation of products available (natural and engineered) we recommend visiting your local stonemason and seeing what they have to offer. Smaller “off-cut” pieces are generally big enough for a bathroom vanity – these can often be purchased at a discounted rate instead of paying for a whole slab to be cut down to your size. We can prepare a timber vanity unit to match the size, thickness and edge profile of your stone selection.


How much does a timber vanity cost?

Each one of our Bathroom Vanities is custom-made to suit your bathroom and your budget. We’ll help you find the perfect size and configuration that will match your style (and hold all your stuff!). Head on over to the contact page to request a quote and we’ll get the ball rolling.